Under Cave

Entertainment Technology Center of Carnegie Mellon

Instructor: Dave Culyba

Platform: CAVE (ETC Developed)

Engine: Unity

Duration: 2 weeks

Team Size: 5

Responsible for: Narrative Design, Sound Design, Production


Project Overview

Under Cave is an atmospheric horror interactive experience developed during the Building Virtual World course at Carnegie Mellon University that allows players to be highly immersed and engaged by utilizing projection, props and motion floor.

It is a really short but tight project. At the start of the project, as the project producer, I primarily focused on establishing a building plan and schedule. I served as a bridge between designers, artists and programmers. In the meantime, I worked on the narrative designs, sound design as well as the general pacing of the full game.

The player visits their recently purchased gem mine with the accompany of an old miner. But after they both get on a minecart and go into the cave, their journey starts to go south. During this supernatural experience, the player finds out their forgotten identity.

Design Development

Basic Research

Our team immediately signed up for the CAVE platform after it was available during the semester as all of us happen to be adventurous and eager to try something new. 

So we started research by trying out the room ourselves and watching videos of past CAVE projects.

CAVE room, with 3 projection screens and a motion floor

A simple analysis of the CAVE


We came up with a similar conclusion to the past CAVE projects, which is a game that happens on a vehicle to harness the power of the motion floor. The vehicle could be roughly the same size as the motion floor instead of a whole subway to prevent trigger motion sickness. In this way, the motion player’s brain perceives is the same as the actual motion. So we based our story on a minecart accident.

"Commute" A past CAVE project,

a scene that might trigger motion sickness


Early Map



We did several playtests and gathered 7 feedback. We then used the results as our guide for iteration.


Playtest footage