Hover in the Darkness

Personal Project

Platform: Android

Engine: Unity

Duration: 3 months

02/2020 - 04/2020

Project Overview

“Hover in the Darkness” is a hunting game that explores more game input and output possibilities. It uses brain-computer-interface and gyroscope as input and mainly uses sound as output. Players’ experiences are quite different from traditional games. It's not a really fun game but it explores a different game interaction.

I was interested in the brain-computer interface at that time, so I purchased a set of brain-computer interface and tried to build a game of my own. Due to the unreliability of the interface (technical limitation), I decided to mostly use sound as feedback. Otherwise, the game is unplayable because the player will find the character not under their control. However, doing so did result in players can't predict or plan their moves. In general, it's a unique little experience that requires the players to close their eyes, listen attentively and play with full concentration.

Design Development