Broken Mirror

Seasun Inc.

Instructor: Weilong Gao

Platform: PC

Engine: Unity

Duration: 6 weeks

Team Size: 7

Responsible for: Game Design, Content Design, 2D VFX, Programming


07/2019 - 08/2019

Project Overview

Broken Mirror is an asymmetry 2-player vertical scroller roguelike co-op game developed during my internship at Seasun Inc., Zhuhai, China. The team comprised two programmers, three artists, and two designers. During the first week, I mainly focused on brainstorming the game mechanics with the team and writing the background story on myself. I worked on  2D VFX in After Effect, the weapon system programming in unity and continued to integrate game design in the remaining weeks.

Screen Shot 2022-02-21 at 23.33.58.png

One of the two players is the mirror knight in the real world, and the other is his/her reflection in the mirror world. For the Mirror Knight, their gameplay is destroying different objects to acquire items to power up the Reflection. The gameplay of Reflection is to fight monsters and prevent them from reaching the Mirror Knight. The combination provides a  co-op / chaotic experience.

Design Development

Brainstorming & Ideation


a rough sketch summary after several brainstorms

We were given the theme of "mirror" by the company to develop an innovative game demo within 6 weeks.

Each of us came up with 1 or 2 ideas and shared them with the team. We tried to fuse different ideas together in an organic way and that's how we decided to develop a 2-player, roguelike, top-down shooting, strategy game. 

Then we spent time brainstorming a possible core gameplay loop and mechanic.

After we had a general structure of the gameplay, I made a one-page document so that we could easily show the design to instructors and get the team on the same page.

design doc.png

a one-page document for gameplay

Building the Mirror World

At the same time, I was also working on the background story and world's history.  I drew some inspirations from Neil Gaiman's Snow, Glass, Apples and wrote the first story about the Mirror Knight -- the "evil" queen. And then I continued to write other two stories related to mirrors and gradually build the world.


a diagram in the basic World Bible

Defining the Tone


We made a mood board for the game, including illustration of the antagonists, games of similar art styles and game feel.

examples of mood board pictures

UI Design

I made a UI flow document of the whole game for better communication with other programmers in the team. 

broken mirror UI flow (1).png

UI Flow of the Game


Below are some 2D VFX samples I made. Press the arrow to see next gif.


I am responsible for programming the weapon system such as weapons’ properties, attacking, collision, knocking back and HP system.