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Broken Mirror

A vertically-scrolling PC game that allows two players to work together in a cooperative mode, with a specific emphasis on creating a chaotic gameplay experience. 
I am responsible for designing part of combat, designing UI, creating 2D VFX and UI programming in Unity.


Game Designer & UI Designer

& 2D VFX Artist






July 2019 - Aug 2019

Team Size




In the genre of two-player games, there are many established interaction patterns. However, players may want to try something new and innovative. How might we design a fresh two-player interaction that is engaging and intuitive?


We created an asymmetrical two-player roguelike vertical scroller where the players play different roles with the ability to help or hinder each other to create tension and unpredictability.

End Result

Over the course of 6 weeks, we developed an asymmetrical two-player roguelike vertical scroller game with a focus on unique gameplay mechanics. Our goal was to create an engaging and challenging game that encouraged players to work together and rely on each other's skills to progress, while also having the ability to hinder or prank each other. This game also won the “Best Game Design Award” within the company.

In our game, Broken Mirror, we have a unique asymmetrical gameplay experience where one player takes on the role of the Mirror Knight in “the material world”, while the other plays as the Reflection in “the mirror world”. The gameplay mechanics are designed to be complementary, with the Mirror Knight destroying environment objects to acquire items that power up the Reflection. In contrast, the Reflection must fight off monsters and prevent them from reaching the Mirror Knight and the material world. 

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